Care for Creation Stories

Valuing God’s Creation

Coastline in Ardgalass, County Down, Northern Ireland

In February 2005, more than 2,000 poor Brazilian farmers walked to the remote jungle town of Anapu for the funeral of a Catholic nun whom they called the “angel of Trans-Amazonia”. The “angel” had been murdered on a forest path after being intercepted by two gunmen who fired six bullets into her. One of the..


How the Church is tackling climate change on the ground?

There are signs that the Church is waking up to the dangers posed by climate change and the need for real action to confront the threat posed. Pope Benedict has been well ahead of most Christian leaders with his pronouncements and actions. The Vatican has become the first carbon neutral state and in his New..


Because water is life

Workers protesting in San Salvador

Reflections on the water crisis in El Salvador and beyond There is a stretch of the Pan-American highway heading west out of San Salvador where each end of the socio-economic spectrum in El Salvador is vibrantly evident. While moving on the 4-lane highway through the town of Antiguo Cuscatlán, to the right you see three..