Fairtrade farmerFairtrade

CAFOD provide some lovely images in this fairtrade powerpoint presentation where farmers have been promised a fair deal. For more on Fairtrade, click here to get to CAFOD’s Fairtrade Campaign page.

Resources for Young People

Image of hands in cohesionCommunity Cohesion, a unit for post-16 general RE

A range of activities are provided in this resource for allowing students to realise what strengthens a good community through the guidance of scripture and Catholic Social Teaching.There are three parts to this RE unit, this is the first, the second part is the resourse below; ‘Lessons on building a healthy community’ and the third is here. They are designed to be used consecutively and compliment each other.

Image of women in IndiaLessons on building a healthy community

Cafod also provide exercises for students to use biblical teachings relating to community building and how this can be applied to current situations of conflict in the world.