Dignity in Work Reflections

Volunteer with communityThoughts on living simply

Jim O’Keefe, a parish priest shares his thoughts on living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with one another. To livesimply is when we discover we are content with less, to live sustainably – realising we are sustained by God, and to live in solidarity with each other – by having a deep respect for our sisters and brothers throughout the world.

Valuable workFarmers in El-Salvador

Farmers from El Salvador ask God to enrich the soil through their work, and as humble farmers they ask for strength. They also pray for God to protect them from those who are greedy, making commerce of the land, water and the earth.

Hands holding newly grown tomatoes - an image of living simplyImportance of Simplicity

Living simply allows us to be closer to God as material possessions and lavish lifestyles often prevent this, inhibiting us to help others. By practising a life of simplicity encourages people to act in selflessness, justice and charity.