Dignity in Work Resources

Boys in poverty in the UKEconomic Inequality in the UK

Although some of the widest gaps in outcomes between social groups have narrowed in the last decade, large inequalities have remained deeply rooted within the UK between ethnic groups and social class groups. We must therefore meet this challenge to achieve a peaceful and cohesive society.

A worker in IndiaThe dignity of the worker

God’s plan encourages us to work for gainful employment. It is of vital importance for us to work towards ending discrimination and promoting fairtrade in line with respecting the dignity of the worker. This can be done through our daily decisions and the changes we can make.

Youth Resources

Garion, a young christian workerTo work is to grow

Biblical reflections are drawn on alongside suggestions of how to encourage others into work in this resource provided by Young Christian Workers (YCW) and Impact! YCW train young Christian leaders for life using a: See, Judge, Act method to help young people link life and faith, growing in confidence and responsibility so as to transform the world. YCW also have a number of useful web resources.