Human Dignity Reflections

Mother Teresa Praying Mother Teresa – Anyway

If you give the world the best you have, you may get kicked in the teeth
but give the world the best you have anyway. Mother Teresa highlights the importance of striving to do good despite not always seeing direct results.

Looking at people belowLook up, blame down

Blame and scapegoating of society’s problems are often placed on the working class, with the middle class ‘looking up and blaming down’ . Church Action on Poverty provide this reflection which initiates a deeper thinking about reversing this process.

Isidore, a refugee in the UKGo and do likewise

We have failed to love if we have caused human suffering or if we have been indifferent to human suffering. Reflecting on the Gospel of Luke Chapter 10 – to love ones neighbour whoever they might be, this reflection calls us to serve and practise this.