Human Dignity Resources

Pope John Paul IIEncyclical Statements on Poverty

These encyclical statements remind us of helping the poor in our everyday lives and the importance of living a life not aimed at having, but being. The statements inspire us to livesimply reflecting on our responsibility to help those living in poverty.

Reflecting diversity, a bishop and an African choirRacial Justice Sunday

Each September Racial Justice Sunday (RJS) seeks to dispel prejudices against migrants. Often politicians forget amongst their political rhetoric that we are dealing with real people, life chances and hopes for a better life. RJS humanises the debate, emphasising that migrant and ethnic minority communities enrich life’s diversity.

Youth Resources

Anna, a Young Christian WorkerValuing all life

Activities are provided by Young Christian Workers (YCW) and Impact! on how to improve the lives of people. It explains that this improvement should be seen by society based on the principle that the dignity of each person is the basis for a just society. Young Christian Workers (YCW) and Impact! train young Christian leaders for life and use its See, Judge, Act method to help young people link life and faith and to grow in confidence and responsibility to transform the world.

Human Security – Why Bother?

In 2010 the livesimply youth network created Why Bother?; a series of resources focused on the 2010 General Election. This resource examines the variety of ways in which we seek to make ourselves secure, comparing and contrasting these motivations with Jesus’ teaching in the Beatitudes. It aims to open discussion around human worth and encourage an active response. Although it was created for the 2010 Election it is still a very useful resource for young people today.