Solidarity Stories

Standing in solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis

Nasreen tells me how, at 1am, she was woken abruptly by banging at the front door. She slipped on her leather flip flops, grabbed a robe from the chair in her room, and walked across the cold tiled hallway to the door. Twenty armed soldiers were waiting. “They were very aggressive,” Nasreen recalls, pouring tea..


Solidarity as a way of life


Ivanete is someone who could have chosen to live in her own home, but she lives with others, in solidarity. Their dream for better housing is her dream as well. Ivanete de Araujo once lived under a bridge in Sao Paulo – one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Today she works for Apoio, an..


Investing in People: Oikocredit


Can the Christian concept of caritas (love) be applied to the economy, finance and business as well as what we normally think of as “charity”? This question suggests that the economy, finance and business live in another world divorced from our everyday life, but of course they are not. These elements live right at the..