First LiveSimply Parish Award

“First LiveSimply Parish Gets Award”

Sunday 16 September: St. John Bosco Church in Reading, became the first parish to be awarded the Livesimply Parish Award for their commitment to live more simply and sustainably and to stand in solidarity with the world’s poor.

Read the full article from the CAFOD website here.

St John Bosco parish receive their LiveSimply award from CAFOD Director Chris Bain

Photo credit: CAFOD/Eleanor Church

What is the LiveSimply Award?

The LiveSimply Award is a national prize that gives recognition to Catholic parishes that put their faith into action through making differences in their community and in the world.

For more information, check out the CAFOD website’s section on the award here.


“Reflecting on our faith, strengthening the bonds of community, and living in tune with
God’s creation. These are all things we aspire to as Catholics and it is up to us to turn these aspirations into action.”

Find out how your parish can get involved:

Visit this website: or call David Hughes on 0114 263 6421.

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‘Within a single generation, we could steer the earth toward our children’s future.’Joint Statement by Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, June 2002