Terms & conditions

Use of the livesimply brand

Since the launch of the livesimply network in 2006, the brand has gained considerable awareness and reputation within the Catholic community in England & Wales and beyond.

Although some work has been done at the centre, we are aware that the success of livesimply has also been because of the efforts and investment by network members in promoting the brand and including it on their websites, materials, letterheads, etc. This has happened in a way that has been mutually supportive because of the sense of shared ownership of the project and also the common values held by network members who are all committed to Catholic social justice.

Use of the brand has been overseen by the livesimply Coordinating group and administered by the Outreach co-ordinator. Since livesimply is not itself a legal entity, legal responsibility for the brand has been shared between CAFOD (the trade mark owner) and Progressio (the website owner). Going forwards, in the absence of an Outreach co-ordinator, the Coordinating group needs to ensure that the brand can still be used appropriately whilst protecting the rights and goodwill in the reputation that has been created. It is especially important that the close association of certain organisations and of Episcopal patrons with livesimply is respected.

For further detail about the use of the brand please contact the livesimply coordinating volunteer.

Language and logo use


These guidelines are designed to help you explain the livesimply message, to encourage you to use the livesimply logo in your materials and to help make it work with your own branding.

Key livesimply message

God calls us to look hard at our lifestyles and to choose to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor. In this way we can help create a world in which human dignity is respected and everyone can reach their full potential. This would be true progress, worth more than economic growth alone.


livesimply: a call for true progress, not just economic growth

livesimply is a radical call to look hard at our lifestyles, and to choose to

live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.

Member organisations include CAFOD, Progressio, Pax Christi and Catholic Youth Services.

livesimply marks the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s prophetic encyclical, Populorum Progressio (On the Development of Peoples).This lays out the Church’s social teaching in face of the poverty and injustice of the developing world, and calls on us to live a
new kind of life.

livesimply is a challenge to reach our own full human potential through reflection, celebration and action for justice.

Use of words

• Refer to the livesimply ‘network’ not group or coalition.

• Refer to the ‘project’ not campaign.

• The project can be referred to in text as livesimply. The ‘live’ is italic text and ‘simply’ is plain text. There is no space between the words.

• When not directly referring to the project, but referring to an objective or aim, such as ‘the need to live simply’, this should be treated as a piece of normal text and formatted appropriately. This means you do not use the logo. (An exception will be made for the poster, in the message: “God calls you to livesimply”)

• You can use the logo by itself, for example as a title.

Use of fonts and colours


• Use Arial sans serif font.

• Use black text or the livesimply colour. You can also use your own corporate colour as a second colour.


• If using CMYK, use turquoise: 100%c 0%m 35%y 0%k.

• If using Microsoft Office programmes such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel, use the text colour ‘teal’.

• On websites the colour is turquoise (#00AAB5)

The web

There is a solid version of the logo which is available for web use. The logo can be used in the same configurations as for printed publications, either black (#000000) or reversed (white #ffffff) for use on black (#000000) or turquoise (#00AAB5). The minimum size of the straight logo should be 120px and ideally 150px wide. For the circular logo the minimum size should be 105px. The logo should be accompanied with the alt text “live simply logo with loaf and fish motif” to meet accessibility standards. There are no specific requirements in terms of the location of the logo on a web page other than to ensure that it is clearly displayed.

Use of logo

Position of the logo: for joint branded materials, place the logo on the bottom right. Solely for livesimply branding, place the logo on the top right.

The logo can be used in black only (see below) or as white reversed out of a solid background.

It can be used in a white circle on a coloured background.

The symbol can be used by itself either black or white on a coloured background.